Go Beyond Basics: Learn Advanced Email Marketing

To increase your products/services sales, optimize your email marketing. We have already covered the basics of email marketing. If you have not read it yet, click here to learn. Now, it’s the time to take your email marketing to a bit advanced level. We are going to cover some really important and advanced methods you should use in your next email marketing campaign. To take your email marketing campaign to an advanced level, avail of our best email marketing services.

First understand about the main elements you will be needing to advance your email marketing campaign.


Some email marketers do not know the importance of segmentation. Believe me, your conversions will magically increase if you segment your target audience properly. Creating a newsletter with your target audience in mind is much easier than shooting without aim. With the segmentation, you remain aware of their taste and preference, their age, or their demographics. All that information helps you to create a better and relevant newsletter and improve the chances of making your subscribers happy.  

Importance of email segmentation:

The most reputed brands target users based on segmentation. For example, Prime and Netflix suggest shows or movies based on your history or preferences. Similarly, all businesses target customers based on their preferences. 

You can achieve the following things by segmenting subscribers:

  • Increase open-rate
  • Enhance click-through rates
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Improve deliverability rates
  • Increase sales

How to segment the subscribers?

Subscriber Skills

You have to create the email content based on your subscriber skills. Not everyone has the same skill set, so you have to mold your email content according to that. Segment the subscribers and communicate what you want without any communication barrier. You will be able to convey your motive only when a subscriber can read and understand it. 

Also, you will be able to add existing skill sets to subscribers when you know what they currently know. 

Emails based on Interest

Create interesting emails to deliver your content gracefully. But how to create interesting emails? That can only be possible when you know about the subscriber’s interest. Send emails of a different genre to know what interests your subscriber. With what kind of emails the subscribers are engaging most? Segment them and in the future, target based on interests. This will surely boost your email marketing campaign and bring positive results. 

Birthday Month

Everyone loves receiving birthday wishes. Even from strangers. So, this is the best chance for you to grab the subscriber’s attention and show them that you care. You can create a custom field asking for their birthdate. Use automation to send gifts in the birthday month. Drive sales by offering discounts specially designed for them. This will create a win-win situation for you as they’ll spend on your product, and they will know about your attention to details like their birthdays. 

Use Native Language

When you go digital, you get customers from different regions. It is possible that your customer is not from your country. So, here what you have to do: Communicate with the language your subscriber is most comfortable with. Use geographical tags to target subscribers from various regions. 

Geographical Location

Are you an e-commerce company? Or a business having branches in various countries? Well, here is the solution. Send emails considering the geographical location of the subscriber. You don’t want to send notification of Australia events to the American subscriber until they are interested in it. So, create emails based on locations and target them with related trends. 


Of course, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to optimize email campaigns, but a true email marketer will anyhow find their ways to optimize the email campaigns. MailPod believes in optimization, and therefore, presents some tips on how to optimize email marketing campaigns?

Instead of following the herd, we decided to research and conclude the most reliable facts for you that’ll help in building an effective email campaign. 

  • Create an optimized landing page that will convince or attract visitors to sign-up for your email list. In this way, you can blast your latest news to as many people.
  • Create brand awareness and loyalty. This will help your subscriber not to switch to other brands and stay loyal to you and your emails. 
  • Learn what your subscriber really needs, and send them emails regarding updating their preferences. This will help you to create a customized campaign for different segments.
  • Create compelling and capitalized subject lines. It will increase your email rate, and the subscriber will know what you want to convey. 
  • Use engaging and attractive templates. Always remember that design matters, so choose or build a template that matches your website or brand’s design. 

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Create Interactive Emails

According to research, Many visitors prefer websites as compared to emails because they feel a website is more interactive. But the good news is, major ISPs like Gmail have launched the feature of including interactive images. You can place three images in a stack, and whichever image you click, it will be displayed in the bigger size. It is a great feature as instead of displaying images from the top to bottom, you can show pictures in one place making it more engaging. An interactive email needs more effort and coding, but it is worth doing it. It will show that you are smart and capable of adapting changes. So what are you waiting for? Go and create an interactive email to grab the attention of your subscriber now.

Definitely, you will be needing help to get top places in the cut-throat competition. MailPod is here to assist you with our expert email marketers team. We will launch many related articles on How you can make a success out of effective email marketing, till then keep tuned and subscribe to Mailpod for the best email marketing services, guidance, and management.