Craft and Deliver unlimited emails

Create your perfect Email Now

Craft your email without any coding experience. MailPod presents a number of mobile-friendly email templates and allows customization with the help of our best designers.

Images: A New way to Engage Subscribers

Want attractive images? Select from more than 6000 Free images or upload Images, GIF, and Media with zero hosting cost.

Send emails based on segmentation

Use Google Analytics help to segment the subscribers based on their previous behaviour. Segment your email list to target the right subsciber at the right time.

SetUp the Broadcast

Determine which segment should get what email at what time.You can schedule the broadcast and even automate the emails.

Measure and Track the Success

To know whether your campaign is going on the track or not, review it with the help of MailPod’s Easy-to-Read Analytics. The free report tells you open-rate, clicks, and sales.

Daily Updates

Follow up your emails with MailPod’s Daily Updates. Learn about the bounce-rate and open-rate to plan your email marketing campaign. Keep a track on total sent emails.

Detail Submission

Submit the details from the daily updates to get the reports. You can also submit weekly and monthly data to get a detailed report.