How to get Email Validation? A Complete Guide

Email validation is often overlooked by us. But it’s the most important mechanism when it comes to email marketing. How? 

Email validation can make your program successful or totally vain it all. You may not be aware of this, but all email lists decay over time. Email remains the primary means of contact between a business and a client for generations. Today many companies use Email Marketing tools. And when you use email marketing, paying attention to email authentication is a must because without that your whole campaign is irrelevant. Email authentication helps all ISPs validate that email is from a legitimate source and that the recipient can confirm the source of the emails. 

Research Experian (USA) found:

• Over the past year, 61% of email marketing companies have faced the threat of their prominence as the sender of newsletters;

• 35% of these companies’ mailings were spam.

To avoid the above-mentioned things, we advise you to work only with a validated list of contacts. If you are not sure of the correctness of the contacts, you can check them using 

Verifying software available in the market. 

How it actually helps your business to boost up: 

Increases click rates 

When you validate your list your mails will actually reach your clients. By this, your open and clicking rate will automatically heighten. This authentication process cut down all the dead emails which aren’t active from the last 3 months

Reach to targeted Inbox 

This validation process will not make your email marketing campaign just a junkyard, the bulk of readerless contacts, and it’s essential for a successful inboxing strategy. 

Lower email marketing cost

When you eliminate dead plants your garden will get better nourishment then earlier the same is here you will reach to your readers only. Then you have a small list, but that list has a higher chance to reach your targeted audience. 

Make a good decision making

Removing all invalid addresses makes a clean contact list, which builds up the data accuracy for good decision making.

Decreases hard bounces

A hard bounce is an email that returns to the sender because the recipient doesn’t live, i.e., the email address is null. High bounce rates are usually indicative of spammers, which is why ESPs don’t treat users with high bounce rates kindly. When your bounce rate grows, your sender dignity falls. Once it crosses a critical edge, your account gets blacklisted.

A cleaning email list can help you save money – 

Suppose you have a list of 3000 subscribers. Most email marketing services charge on the number of subscribers. When you scan your email list you’ll get spam, not safe to send, and so on. supposed you get 600 dead email addresses, so now you don’t have to spend on that 600 subscribers.

There are so many cheapest email marketing service providers in the market, so you have to put your eyes on this like they give importance to authentication or just wasting time and money of yours.

It’s worth asking your Email Service Provider (ESP) if they give any kind of list cleaning service. For example, Mailpod features a built-in email verifier that runs your list through a detailed series of tests to ensure validity before you send your campaign.

High sender reputation

Authentication will hold up your reputation. Your email deliverability stays great.

We all know that the benefits of email marketing are direct quick communication with potential customers, relatively low cost of performance and automation, growth of targeted actions from subscribers, and hence, loyalty to your brand, but the little known fact is that proper email marketing involves no less competent and comprehensive work with the subscribers base. Clean email lists, high deliverability, and a good sender reputation are benefits that you, as a mailing list sender, can win from validating subscriber lists.

The purity of your email list is the best way to thrill those ROI numbers since you are not wasting your budget on leads that will never see what you have to offer.

Clients are the power of any business. Like a sports car can be damaged if fueled with low-quality petrol, your business can be harmed if it reaches the email lists of dubious quality.

How can you get the best email validator?

To get the best email validator, you will need to establish what characteristics are the most important for you, is its price, speed, or accuracy? Is it a CSV upload that you would like to use, or maybe a connection with API, or use real-time verification for your forms? Different email verifiers provide different options. To get the accurate answer subscribe to our free email marketing service trial. We will launch many related articles on How you can make a success out of effective email marketing, till then keep tuned and subscribe to Mailpod for the best email marketing services, guidance, and management.