MailPod Email Marketing Tips: Autoresponder Email Series

If you leave your subscriber alone, then there are chances that someone might sweep them away from you. How to constantly remind your subscriber about your presence without bugging them? FOLLOW-UP SERIES. 

Create an autoresponder email series. This will help you stay in touch without actually being in touch. That means you can set an email series to be sent on different dates at different times. MailPod – one of the best email marketing companies in the USA provides a feature of follow-up series/autoresponders. You can create a follow-up series in the following ways.

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Updates on New Product Launch

Whenever you are ready to launch a new product or introduce some updates, you get a chance to send a creative newsletter series. You can create a plan regarding the launch and start announcements before 2 to 3 months. This will help you to create awareness about the product and excite subscribers about the new product. You need to consider that your subscribers willingly take part to share your excitement. Create a newsletter that creates a buzz about your new product. When you launch upgradations, it sends a message to the customers that you care about changes and new trends. Your broadcast email should communicate what are the new upgrades and products. It is better to include a picture of the product in the broadcast email to give a visual treat to the subscribers. Not to Forget, include a prominent call-to-action to induce urgency to take action. 


Newsletters contain the information that you want to convey to the subscribers with a small time-lapse like weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly. The information is about the company’s events and news. Newsletters are the most commonly used broadcast emails because of their vitality. We understand that it is difficult to come up with new newsletter content, and therefore, we are mentioning the different topics you can cover in the company’s newsletter. 

Company’s Culture

You can update the subscribers about the company’s latest community outreach. You can mention your beliefs and behaviors towards community development and employee management. The more efforts you put to humanize your business, the more trust you will gain from subscribers. Tell them what you provide to the local community and establish a good brand in the subscriber’s eyes. 

Showcase the best Customer

Create an engaging email mentioning the customer of the month. Include the case study of how they use your company’s products and services and do not forget to mention their satisfaction level from your product and service. Tell your subscribers how you help them with the challenges they faced. This will increase the trust in your company. Showcasing your best customers makes people know that you value your customers, and this gives them the confidence to be with you for a long time. 

Present your best employee

You can mention your best employee of the month in the monthly newsletters. This will help you to achieve two goals, one is employee motivation, and another is a human touch to the subscribers. It will show subscribers that you have a good team working hard towards company goals and ensure them about the best services. By attaching a face with your brand helps subscribers to make a good picture of the company in their minds. 

News of the Industry

Sometimes the subscribers want to change. Instead of pitching them about your offer all the time, you can provide the relevant information. When you provide accurate knowledge about something, people start trusting you. This helps you to gain a subscriber’s trust and build your credibility. You will receive what you provide, so educate your subscribers, and they will come to you because they will know about your expertise in that field. Use MailPod – one of the best email marketing companies in the USA to broadcast about industry news and set autoresponders on that.

Creative Ways to use your Product/Service

Give readers the education about how to use your product or service in different ways to make their life simpler. Bring an easy change in their day-to-day life, so they will think of the expense as an investment. For example, if you sell scarfs, then you can send a video link in the newsletter explaining different ways to use that scarf as a chunni, top, or neck accessory.

Upcoming Events

Newsletters are a great way to create hype about your upcoming event. Whether it is launching a new product or a public event, you can create an engaging newsletter to entice customers to be excited about the new event. It is all up to your email creation skills that how you engage subscribers with your good news or how you present it in a way that readers feel a part of that good news. 

There is no hard and fast rule about the frequency of sending newsletters. You can test it on your audience and derive what is best for both of you. For example, if you are a dancing group that performs weekly, then you should send weekly newsletters about your upcoming performances. 

Promotion about Limited-Time Sales

You need to create a broadcast email that triggers urgency to take action. You can create offers that expire after a certain point in time. To induce sales in a short period, a limited sale offer is a perfect method to use. If you are wondering about how to create an awesome broadcast email telling your latest promotional and limited-sale offer, then include these points in the email:

  • An Expiration Date.
  • What they will receive for taking immediate action.
  • A Call-To-Action to place an order.

After creating content on the above-mentioned things you can set autoresponders to send emails in any required manner. You will set what you want to respond to subscriber’s queries and replies. 

MailPod hopes that it is clear to you about where to set autoresponders. Being one of the best email marketing companies in the USA, it is our responsibility to launch many related articles on How you can make a success out of effective email marketing, till then keep tuned and subscribe to Mailpod for the best broadcast emails, guidance, and management.