Send relevant and targeted emails to your subscribers.

Start with dynamic segments

Send more relevant and customised content to the subscribers. To increase profitability and sales, use tags and custom fields based on subscriber’s segment. Creating dynamic segment helps you to send right email at the right time.

Create the segments easily

Observe your subscribers activity and easily create the subscriber’s segment.

1. Tags

To create the dynamic subscriber segment use automatic and manual tags.

2. Visits

Find out who visited what page on your website.

3. Purchases

Find out who visited what page on your website.

4. Clicks

Learn who is clicking the link embedded in your email.

5. Opens

Find out who open or didn’t open your email.

6. Location

You can know the region or location through their IP Address.

7. Sign up form

You can collect custom information via customized and readymade sign-up forms.

Target the subscriber

MailPod sign-up form facilitates you to collect specific information. Once you collect this information, you can target the subscribers based on their interests. Based on custom form responses, you can apply specific tags or custom tags to target the subscribers.

Start with personalized email marketing

For more conversions and profitability, segment your email list.

Why segmentation is important?

Every subscriber is unique and you need to cater their needs accordingly. Segmentation makes sure that your email content is relevant to the subscribers. This will help you to get more engaged readers, better open rates, and more sales.

How MailPod works?