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MailPod introduces FREE migration services with experts.

Do not panic! We will move all the important stuff you have created on MailPod within no time.

The migration is fast and simple that speaks for our brand.

Step 1

Fill the quick migration services form to command our customer solution for starting the work.

Step 2

The data you created will migrate and re-created in Mailpod.

Step 3

Without wasting time, use all the simple, upgraded and advanced features of Mailpod.

What are the things we will move for you?

  • Tag Application and list creation.
  • Existing Sign-Up Forms.
  • Import subscribers.
  • Automations and all campaigns.
  • At most 3 email templates.
  • Landing Pages.

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We know that you want to resume your business as soon as possible. Therefore, we take only 5 or less than 5 business days to complete the migration process for you. Our experts commit to the deadlines.

Definitely, you need not need to hamper your business while we are working on making it easier for you. You can continue using your account and if any questions arise, then feel free to ask us because, for you, we are available 24*7.

No, it’s absolutely 100% free. We will migrate every content from the current provider to MailPod without any cost.

We are ready to do all the heavy lifting for you. That includes:

– Tag Application

– List Creation

– Multiple email templates (At most 3)

– Subscribers

– Automations and all campaigns

– Landing pages and sign-up forms