How to do Effective Email Marketing in 2020 with MailPod Marketing Tips

2020 is the year of emails. Why? The importance of digital marketing is increasing. Due to unavoidable instances like COVID-19 and ban of Chinese apps in India gives a tremendous rise in the use of the Internet. The Lockdown causes firms to go digital, and this leads firms to strengthen their digital marketing more than ever. What is the major component of Digital Marketing? Of Course Email Marketing. That is why every marketer needs to tap email marketing. 

As we know, every marketer needs to and is trying to use email marketing as one of the tactics, so heavy competition is a must. You have to ensure that your emails land in the Inbox. The open-rate and click-through rate must be great to get better results. In this article, MailPod will tell you how to do effective email marketing in 2020 and ensure your efforts would not get wasted. After all, everyone wants to engage in the best email marketing services to tap out this wonderful marketing method.

1. Create Interactive Emails

According to research, Many visitors prefer websites as compared to emails because they feel a website is more interactive. But the good news is, major ISPs like Gmail have launched the feature of including interactive images. You can place three images in a stack, and whichever image you click, it will be displayed in the bigger size. It is a great feature as instead of displaying images from the top to bottom, you can show pictures in one place making it more engaging. An interactive email needs more effort and coding, but it is worth doing it. It will show that you are smart and capable of adapting changes. So what are you waiting for? Go and create an interactive email to grab the attention of your subscriber now!

Use Carousel to make your Emails Interactive and Engaging

2. Scannable and Readable Emails

As mentioned earlier, more and more emails will land in 2020, it is important to stand out in the competition. You can use attractive subject lines to increase open-rate. Mix a blend of whitespace and bullet points to engage readers. Instead of sending long paragraphs, present your information in bullets, numbers, and bold. It will be a treat for busy subscribers, and they will be happy to see your organizational skills. 

3. Engage subscribers with Dynamic Content

Do you know that Personalised Emails get 30 percent more unique open rates and 40 percent higher click-through rates. You can create dynamic content based on the subscriber’s information you have. Grammarly is the best example to depict how to use personalized data to create dynamic content. 

Grammarly sends Personalized-Dynamic Content to Engage Subscribers

You can segment your target audience and create content according to that. It will create more trust between you and the subscriber. An engaging customer is a happy customer so, create your dynamic content wisely. 

4. Call-To-Action at the Top

Using bullets, paragraphs and bold font matters, similarly the place of call-to-action matters too. It is observed that if you place Call-To-Action at the top of the email, you will get better results as compared to the same place at the bottom. You have to be cautious with every minor detail of the email to get a huge success. By Placing Call-To-Action at the top, you inform readers in the beginning about what you expect them to do. Triggering the urgency in the initial stages of emails leads to more conversions. 

5. Send Automated Welcome Emails

Email automation is the best way to get higher results with fewer efforts. If you have not started email automation yet, 2020 is the best year to start it. With more marketing efforts you will be getting more responses from potential customers. You need to make them feel valued by sending welcome emails. When someone joins your business as customers, they expect to get valuable content to know you more, and by sending them a welcome email right away will do this for you. 

2020 Effective Email Marketing Tips

2020 is the best year to start your email marketing or strengthen it. Definitely, you will be needing help to get top places in the cut-throat competition. MailPod is here to assist you with our expert email marketers team. We will launch many related articles on How you can make a success out of effective email marketing, till then keep tuned and subscribe to Mailpod for the best email marketing services, guidance, and management.