The Easiest ways to Make Money with Email Marketing

Everybody knows that email marketing for the small businesses, medium businesses and large businesses is the most powerful asset. But the majority of the marketers ignore this asset and lose millions of visitors every day. Let me tell you how email marketing is the most valuable asset. You might be getting your traffic from SEO, Paid Advertising, Social Media, or from guest posting, but the main question is are these visitors visiting back. If no, then you are not managing your audience wisely, and the best way to manage an audience is through email marketing.

Email marketing helps you in getting sustainable traffic on your website. If you have an email list of your audience in your niche, then you can promote any of your articles, courses, merchandise, affiliate links free of cost. That is the beauty of email marketing. Now you are thinking about How to build an email list? We already covered an article on the easiest way to grow your email list. Mailpod helps you build your email list smoothly with complete customization and excellent customer support.

Mailpod helps you in :

  • Create and send email
  • Analyze and improve your emails
  • Manage your subscribers

With just a minimal cost, you will get all these automated and customized features that will help you in email marketing for the small businesses, medium businesses and large businesses.

Let’s start making money by following the below-mentioned tips:

1. Find something to sell

You can not sell until you don’t have anything to sell. Be it a product or service, find something tangible or intangible to sell. For example, you can sell:

  • Clothes/Grocery
  • Classes
  • Ideas
  • E-Guide/Courses
  • Training

In short, you have to find something to trade for money. 

2. Affiliate products or services

If you can’t find anything to sell, then don’t worry because you can sell others’ products and services. You can affiliate anyone’s products and work on a commission basis. For example, you have a great experience with email marketing, but you can’t find anything to sell or promote. On the other hand, there is a small business suffering due to a lack of marketing skills. You both can collaborate or work out a contract to help each other out. In this way, you get to sell something through email marketing, which is not even yours, and you are still making money. 

3. Offer premiums

If you feel demotivated by investing so much effort for just a one-time sell, then here’s a solution for you. You can ask potential customers to buy one month or even an annual premium. In this way, you get to maintain a relationship for a long time, and also you are getting money. For example, you can sell an annual gym membership with attractive perks, or you can sell newsletter templates, including holiday templates for an annual payment. 

Offer Premium Plans to ensure Long-Term Customers

4. Suggest related products

You can use the trick of “As you buy this, so you may also like this”. It is the best strategy to entice your existing customers. They feel like their needs are understood by you, and now you value them by offering products/services preferable by them. The more accurately you suggest a related product, the more are chances to attract customers. For example, if someone buys a beginner course on email marketing, you can target the same customer with an intermediate email marketing course.

5. Re-Approach 

Your job is not complete after selling. You can Re-Approach the customers after some time. For example, If you sell clothes and someone bought winter clothes from you, then you can re-target them in summer for summer clothes. This method involves fewer efforts as you don’t have to acquire a new customer instead, you are targeting an existing customer. You already established trust, and they already used your product/service, which means they know about your quality. With the help of optimized email marketing, you can make money and communicate with your subscribers. 

6. Target the cart abandonment customers

Someone may forget after adding products to the cart. Remind them NOW! Do not miss this golden opportunity because now you know their preferences and taste, and you can target them based on their carts. You can send discount offers to buy the product already added in the cart to trigger urgency. They took an action of searching and adding something to the cart, and it’s your turn to entice them to buy the same. 

Monetize Your Email Marketing

Apart from the above tactics, you can establish a strong communication base with the customers. A healthy communication base leads to more trust and transparency to the seller-buyer relationship. If that is strong, then there are chances to avail the benefits of word of mouth as a happy customer is a talkative customer. If you surely want to monetize email marketing, then MailPod is here to help you with every possible help and tips. We will launch many related articles on How you can make a success out of effective email marketing, till then keep tuned and subscribe to Mailpod for the email newsletter service, guidance, and management.