How to Improve Affiliate Marketing With Email Marketing

Want to earn income from Affiliate Marketing? Email Marketing is the way. Do you know with the help of email marketing tools, you can double your affiliate marketing revenue. 

Many big entrepreneurs have made their way with the combination of affiliate products plus email marketing. ClickBank is one of the biggest examples that utilized the full potential of affiliate marketing. 

ClickBank allows entrepreneurs to generate commission income by promoting and selling the products. 

MailPod allows easy integration with ClickBank so that you can easily sell products via affiliate marketing. 

What are the benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

Sometimes, it’s difficult to keep your product line with the trend. In fact, it is obvious that if you own a small business then it is not feasible for you to invest in the latest products.  

Affiliate marketing provides the ultimate solution to this problem. You can sell products without huge investments and create a brand of your business. 

If you want to earn more income, but do not want to bear risk, then Affiliate Marketing is the way to go with.

You get to offer a wider range of products with minimal investment and risk. 

More Value with Affiliate Marketing

Most of the successful entrepreneurs started with affiliate marketing but what made them different from other affiliate marketers? 

Email Marketing! It is proven that when you combine affiliate marketing with email marketing, your business blossoms. Also, companies frequently offer people to be their affiliate marketer and sell their products. 

This makes a positive situation for both of them because people got to earn extra income and companies got a representative to sell their products. 

Be Careful while Selecting the Product

However, affiliate marketing is easy to start but it is not easy to select the affiliate product. There are millions of products and companies out there who want affiliate marketers to enhance their businesses. 

You have to select the product wisely that you want to and can promote. For example, after selecting the product, you have to plan ways to promote and sell it.

Here, MailPod comes into the picture. With our automated campaigns, you can promote your products with minimal investment. 

Read on to know what automation can provide you:

Email Automation is trending because they do not require instant time to invest. You can set them as per your email marketing campaign. You decide the time, date, and event to send them. 

With simple preset automation, you can send emails to the subscribers based on information like their preferences. MailPod automation triggers on subscriber’s activity, and you can send the automated emails right away.

For example, MailPod sends an automated email to subscribers when the subscribers buy something from your business or look for a query. MailPod offers different preset automation types to trigger various automated emails like birthday emails, welcome emails, and cart abandonment emails. 

Also, you can customize this automation according to your goal. Our preset automation pretty much-covered everything, but to impart flexibility we allow customization. 

No matter what type of automation you are working with i.e. preset or customized, you can always change the triggers to accomplish your email marketing goals. In all, you can Edit Automation Emails.

So, it is evident that, with email automation, you can generate more revenue with lesser investment. Sounds interesting, right?

Affiliate Marketing with Personalized Emails

A Human Being thrives for human touch. Instead of sending automated emails, send personalized emails. You can include:

  • The subscriber name,
  • Their company’s name,
  • Their location, or
  • Something you know about them, but do not make it as you stalked them.

If you want to establish a stable future in affiliate marketing, then you should use the best email newsletters personalization techniques. That helps you to stay in touch with your loyal customers for a long period. 

Also, you can embed links of your thousands of products in thousands of emails, so that customers can visit those anytime. 

If you do not want to be marked as spam, then you must use personalization techniques as it establishes some feelings between you and your subscribers. According to a MarketingSherpa study, 4 out of 10 email subscribers reported that they’ve marked emails as spam simply because they were irrelevant. To increase the relevancy, you must personalize your emails.

MailPod – an email marketing service provider, will launch many related articles on How you can make a success out of Email Marketing, till then keep tuned and subscribe to Mailpod for guidance and management.