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Email Marketing is tricky, but it is easy if you know about in and outs. To familiarize you with the email marketing concepts, MailPod is available for you 24*7. In this article, MailPod will cover from all the basics ideas to advanced ideas for indulging in effective email marketing

Following are the tactics to improve your email marketing.


Some email marketers do not know the importance of segmentation. Believe me, your conversions will magically increase if you segment your target audience properly. Creating a newsletter with your target audience in mind is much easier than shooting without aim. With the segmentation, you remain aware of their taste and preference, their age, or their demographics. All that information helps you to create a better and relevant newsletter and improve the chances of making your subscribers happy.  

Importance of email segmentation:

The most reputed brands target users based on segmentation. For example, Prime and Netflix suggest shows or movies based on your history or preferences. Similarly, all businesses target customers based on their preferences. 

You can achieve the following things by segmenting subscribers:

  • Increase open-rate
  • Enhance click-through rates
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Improve deliverability rates
  • Increase sales


Of course, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to optimize email campaigns, but a true email marketer will anyhow find their ways to optimize the email campaigns. MailPod believes in optimization, and therefore, presents some tips on how to optimize email marketing campaigns?

Instead of following the herd, we decided to research and conclude the most reliable facts for you that’ll help in building an effective email campaign. 

  • Create an optimized landing page that will convince or attract visitors to sign-up for your email list. In this way, you can blast your latest news to as many people.
  • Create brand awareness and loyalty. This will help your subscriber not to switch to other brands and stay loyal to you and your emails. 
  • Learn what your subscriber really needs, and send them emails regarding updating their preferences. This will help you to create a customized campaign for different segments.
  • Create compelling and capitalized subject lines. It will increase your email rate, and the subscriber will know what you want to convey. 
  • Use engaging and attractive templates. Always remember that design matters, so choose or build a template that matches your website or brand’s design. 

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Create Interactive Emails

According to research, Many visitors prefer websites as compared to emails because they feel a website is more interactive. But the good news is, major ISPs like Gmail have launched the feature of including interactive images. You can place three images in a stack, and whichever image you click, it will be displayed in the bigger size. It is a great feature as instead of displaying images from the top to bottom, you can show pictures in one place making it more engaging. An interactive email needs more effort and coding, but it is worth doing it. It will show that you are smart and capable of adapting changes. So what are you waiting for? Go and create an interactive email to grab the attention of your subscriber now.

Follow our simple step to effectively plan your business’s email marketing. 


You plan for something you want to achieve. Therefore, before planning you have to set goals. Only after that, you can determine what steps you’ll be needing to follow to achieve that particular goal. Planning helps you to achieve your objectives with ease. Before writing something, you need to think about it. Similarly, before implementing something, you need to plan accurately. Follow the SMART concept to make your planning worthy. 

S – Specific

Don’t make stories. Make specific plans to act wisely. Include the details like what goals to achieve and how to achieve them. 

M – Measurable

Create goals that you can measure. Plan the metrics that are easily measurable and comparable. You can use checkpoints or numbers to create measurable goals.

A – Attainable

Your goals and plan should be according to what you can achieve. Don’t overvalue or undervalue your business. Make plans which you can easily achieve with your current budget and available time. 

R – Realistic

The goals should be realistic. Do not make unachievable plans or hard to achieve. Challenges are good, but they should be in the reach. You can check historical data and industry trends to make realistic goals. 

T – Time-Bound

There should be a specified time limit to achieve the goals. Do not act according to your will instead determine a time-frame and act according to it. Plan a date within which you have to act. 

Make SMART goals to effectively implement your plans.

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Select the email marketing goals

Your actions should match the organizational objectives. Whatever you do in bits, it should always be in accordance with your overall business goals. 

To make your planning process a bit easier, we present some goals you can think of to plan. 

Reduce spam complaints

Marking your email spam is a way to tell ISPs that subscribers don’t want information from you, and that cannot be possible if they authentically subscribed for being in your mailing list. So, until you are honest with the subscribing process, you do not have to worry about spam marks. But we are presenting you with some ways to minimize the spam complaints.

Confirmation Emails

You have to send confirmation messages to the people who opt-in for your emails. Even if they signed up for your emails, you still have to confirm it by sending a confirmation message right away. Also, if you want to avoid blacklists and increase your deliverability, then sending a confirmation message is a must. MailPod provides the best email marketing services and creates an exciting confirmation message. We send follow-up emails and track the success of the email marketing campaign.

You need to customize your confirmation message so that subscribers know about the genuinity of the message. Also, if you have an existing subscribers list, you still have to ask for confirmation for the new purpose because they originally signed-up for anything else. To move your existing subscribers into a new list, you need their permission, and customization is the best way to get permission. You can take MailPod’s help to find creative ways to get subscribers to click on the confirmation link, whether they are existing subscribers or coming from the web. We provide the best email marketing services.

List of the Common Details

After research, you have to observe and write down the similarities you find between your buyers or subscribers’ answers. Now you have to decide what similarities are important and cannot be ignored. Find out the details that can affect your communication and narrow them down. It will help you to know whether the majority of people are facing the same problem or not. 

You can categorize the audience on the basis of the following points. By these points, you will know much more about your customers and their needs. 

  1. Behavior
  2. Demographics
  3. Interests and problems faced by them
  4. The time gap between two consecutive emails
  5. Create Multiple Personas

It is possible that after narrowing down the common details, it will be difficult to incorporate them into one persona. To resolve this issue, you can separate personas based on details. Identify the audience that are facing the same problems and segments them in a separate persona if required. For example, If you own a cloth shop, it is possible that some customers like trendy clothes, some may like traditional clothes, and some may like western clothes. Hence, you cannot mix three buyer persona and represent all the needs of a single buyer persona. You have to cater to different groups with a different buyer persona, and they will be easy to manage by different qualified persons.

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