How to Write Confirmation & Welcome Emails

Writing confirmation and welcome emails are the building stone of your email list. In this article, MailPod will disclose the effective tips to boost your email marketing campaign by writing personalized emails. 

Most of the email marketers think that they achieved big if they created a grand subscriber’s list. Well no, Your work is not done here. You have to send confirmation messages to the people who opt-in for your emails. Even if they signed up for your emails, you still have to confirm it by sending a confirmation message right away. Also, if you want to avoid blocklists that increase your deliverability, then sending a confirmation message is a must. MailPod provides the best email marketing services and creates an exciting confirmation message. We send follow-up emails and track the success of the email marketing campaign.

There are industry standards, and it is one of the ISP’s requirements to send confirmation messages to your subscribers. So, to avoid any penalties and brand deterioration, you should ask for confirmation on subscribing. The process of sending confirmation messages is called Confirmed Opt-In. However, asking for confirmation is not as easy as it seems. You have to be very cautious as subscribers may have changed their minds. To retain your new subscriber, it is advisable to create an attractive confirmation message. Here are some tips to create an enticing confirmation message.

Customize the Confirmation Message before hitting Send

You need to customize your confirmation message so that subscribers know about the genuinity of the message. Also, if you have an existing subscribers list, you still have to ask for confirmation for the new purpose because they originally signed-up for anything else. To move your existing subscribers into a new list, you need their permission, and customization is the best way to get permission. You can take MailPod’s help to find creative ways to get subscribers to click on the confirmation link, whether they are existing subscribers or coming from the web. We provide the best email marketing services, and you can check this statement’s credibility from Amcrest, AccuMed, and Contour Athletics.

Ways to optimize your Confirmation Process

Do you think creating an effective confirmation message is enough? No, you have to optimize the entire confirmed opt-in process. However, making this process smooth is not a cakewalk for any email marketer. Once someone opts for your emails, they are directed to a thank you page. Now you can customize this page with detailed instructions.

You can use the Thank You page for:

  • Mention that they will be receiving a confirmation message.
  • Illustrate how the confirmation message looks like and write a step by step guide to click on the confirmation link. 
  • Mention with what name and email address they will receive your confirmation message. 

How to import your existing subscribers into a new list

  1. Send them a confirmation message disclosing the purpose of the email. Honesty is the Best Policy, and it will help you to build trust with your subscriber.
  1. They may have forgotten about why they are in your existing email list, so remind them about their presence in your list and be transparent about your new purpose.  
  1. Entice them to retain in your existing list as well as induce them to sign-up for a new list. For example, you offer 20% off exclusively to the existing customers, or you can offer some store credit points that will help them to get discounts in future purchases. In this way, you get your subscribers to confirm email newsletters and also get to use one of the authentic sales techniques.  

How to confirm subscribers coming from Form

  1. Thank your subscribers for signing-up for your email list and ask them to confirm that particular newsletter. 
  1. Make sure to write the correct name of the subscribers and establish prominent call-to-action.  
  1. Learn your audience’s preference and entice them with exciting offers to click on the confirmation link.

Send Automated Welcome Emails

Email automation is the best way to get higher results with fewer efforts. If you have not started email automation yet, 2020 is the best year to start it. With more marketing efforts you will be getting more responses from potential customers. You need to make them feel valued by sending welcome emails. When someone joins your business as customers, they expect to get valuable content to know you more, and by sending them a welcome email right away will do this for you. 

You can also send welcome email surveys to optimize welcome emails.

Welcome Email Survey 

Many experts send surveys or questions in their first email i.e. the welcome email to know their new subscribers with better understanding. Getting feedback is important, and that is why surveys play a dominant role in email marketing. When you ask questions in your first email, the newly joined subscribers will think that you care about their subscribers, and it will lead to establishing trust. Once you know more about your new subscriber, you can send them personalized emails, and you can segment them easily. Targeting the segmented audience is the building stone of email marketing success, and surveys help a lot in segmenting the subscribers. For example, if you provide daily newsletter services, then you can ask about your subscriber’s preference like:

  1. Would they like to receive newsletters daily, weekly, or monthly
  2. On which genre your subscriber would like to read?
  3. Which locations would they like to know about more?
  4. What is the word count preferred by them?

All these questions will help you to create a newsletter that will have more readability scores as it is created on the preference of subscribers. You get to know more about their interests that will help you to create more engaging content.

Few tips you need to follow if you want your subscribers to fill the survey and complete it: 

  • Keep the survey short.
  • Ask MCQs instead of detailed questions.
  • In the email, mention the time to complete the survey.
  • The advisable time frame is 1 to 5 minutes. 

MailPod will guide you on how to get 100% success from the confirmed opt-in process and welcome emails. We will launch many related articles on How you can indulge in effective email marketing, till then keep tuned and subscribe to Mailpod for the best email marketing tool, guidance, and management.