Learn about Spam Buttons and Complaints with MailPod

Worrying about people marking your email as spam? Well, it’s possible because you never know when a subscriber changes its preferences. The combination of angry subscribers and irrelevant information can lead subscribers to mark your email as spam. Or just an irreverent email can do this work. MailPod being one of the best email marketing companies in USA ensures effective email deliverability. We will help you to create the most relevant email list. But still, we understand that sometimes marked as spam is possible. The feeling of getting spammed is not easy to deal with. Because you know how much effort you are putting into creating the best email content for your subscriber.

From the email template to thanking the subscriber at the end, you are doing everything from your end. And, most importantly, you took their permission to send them emails. You are not the who does spam. Those unintended people who send emails without permission with unknown identity and faceless brands are doing the spam, not you. You know from your experience about what is spam and what is not. So, what is the thing that drives your subscriber to mark your email as spam?

Meaning of Spam for the subscriber

Whenever someone received your email, they have plenty of options to act with like Reply, Print, Delete, and Forward. Also, in most of the email programs, there is a button name Junk or Spam. For a subscriber, clicking on Spam or Junk means deleting the email, but for the ISPs, it means that the subscriber does not want to receive emails from you. It is not going to concern your subscriber because they deleted your email by marking it as spam, but it is surely going to affect you. ISPs like Yahoo, Alob Webmail, and Hotmail place the spam button on the top of the screen, in front of users. Therefore, it becomes unavoidable for the user to click on it for deleting your email. This button is easy to click on.

Are you in trouble even you didn’t spam?

If you are getting lots of complaints, then surely you are in trouble, but one spam complaint won’t affect your reputation or campaign. If your spam rate is high, then possible consequences would be filtration by ISPs regularly

What can you do?

Marking your email spam is a way to tell ISPs that subscribers don’t want information from you, and that cannot be possible if they authentically subscribed for being in your mailing list. So, until you are honest with the subscribing process, you do not have to worry about spam marks. But we are presenting you with some ways to minimize the spam complaints.

Confirmation Emails

You have to send confirmation messages to the people who opt-in for your emails. Even if they signed up for your emails, you still have to confirm it by sending a confirmation message right away. Also, if you want to avoid blacklists and increase your deliverability, then sending a confirmation message is a must. MailPod provides the best email marketing services and creates an exciting confirmation message. We send follow-up emails and track the success of the email marketing campaign.

You need to customize your confirmation message so that subscribers know about the genuinity of the message. Also, if you have an existing subscribers list, you still have to ask for confirmation for the new purpose because they originally signed-up for anything else. To move your existing subscribers into a new list, you need their permission, and customization is the best way to get permission. You can take MailPod’s help to find creative ways to get subscribers to click on the confirmation link, whether they are existing subscribers or coming from the web. We provide the best email marketing services.

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Remind subscribers about why they subscribed

Send subscribers a confirmation message disclosing the purpose of the email. Honesty is the Best Policy, and it will help you to build trust with your subscriber.
Subscribers may have forgotten about why they are in your existing email list, so remind them about their presence in your list and be transparent about your new purpose.
Entice subscribers to retain in your existing list as well as induce them to sign-up for a new list. For example, you offer 20% off exclusively to the existing customers, or you can offer some store credit points that will help them to get discounts in future purchases. In this way, you get your subscribers to confirm email newsletters and also get to use one of the authentic sales techniques.

Provide relevant details

Send only those information for what your subscribers have subscribed for. Avoid sending irrelevant information as it is the prominent reason of getting spam. You obviously don’t want to buy a thing that you don’t want. Similarly, your subscribers don’t want to know about everything. They are just happy with receiving information about what interests or excites them.

If you follow the above points, then you’ll be able to keep the spam complaints at a minimum. For any further guidance on how to avoid spam complaints, you can always contact us at any time. We are available 24*7 for you. Create the best email with the best templates at MailPod. Utilize our email marketing tools to reap out tons of benefits. Join us now to enjoy our 30-Day Free Trial. MailPod being one of the best email marketing companies in USA will launch many related articles on How you can do effective email marketing, till then keep tuned and subscribe to Mailpod for the best email marketing tool, guidance, and management.