The Best 4 ways to Improve Email Marketing For Small Businesses

Creating emails is not easy. Selecting the right template, engaging subject line, enticing preheader, and most importantly the email content. MailPod provides the 24*7 assistance to create the best email newsletters to engage subscribers.

It’s not easy to create an engaging email content or for that matter, any content. We need to engage our audience with our copy because Words Matter.

Sometimes, the content creator finds it difficult to create a fun email. It becomes very problematic to think about how to create interactive content. 

MailPod brings the solution to your screen. We will present some awesome fun content ideas in this article which are easy to use.

So, without hesitation, get onboard and learn the ways to make your email copy entertaining. 

1. Personalized Emails

Personalized email marketing is essential to get success in the marketing world. If you want to increase the email open rate and boost sales, then send targeted emails. 

Do you know that targeted emails drive 3 times more revenue than revenue from non-targeted emails. 

Personalization can perfectly be done by segmenting the subscribers. Until and unless you don’t know the subscribers, you cannot segment them. So, start building relations and collecting information to send the most personalized email to make your subscriber happy. 

Whether you are an expert of email marketing or just a beginner, you should know what segmentation is because it is the building stone of email marketing.

2. Welcome Emails

Many experts send surveys or questions in their first email i.e. the welcome email to know their new subscribers with better understanding. Getting feedback is important, and that is why surveys play a dominant role in email marketing. When you ask questions in your first email, the newly joined subscribers will think that you care about their subscribers, and it will lead to establishing trust. Once you know more about your new subscriber, you can send them personalized emails, and you can segment them easily. Targeting the segmented audience is the building stone of email marketing success, and surveys help a lot in segmenting the subscribers. For example, if you provide daily newsletter services, then you can ask about your subscriber’s preference like:

  1. Would they like to receive newsletters daily, weekly, or monthly
  2. On which genre your subscriber would like to read?
  3. Which locations would they like to know about more?
  4. What is the word count preferred by them?

All these questions will help you to create a newsletter that will have more readability scores as it is created on the preference of subscribers. You get to know more about their interests that will help you to create more engaging content.

Few tips you need to follow if you want your subscribers to fill the survey and complete it: 

  • Keep the survey short.
  • Ask MCQs instead of detailed questions.
  • In the email, mention the time to complete the survey.
  • The advisable time frame is 1 to 5 minutes. 

3. Holiday Emails

As a smart email marketer, you definitely  do not want to be simple during holidays. It’s  your responsibility to make subscribers feel happy plus special during holidays. That can not not be possible with your regular boring emails. So how to make your email attractive during the feisty time? Join MailPod and avail of a 30-Day free email marketing trial to boost your email marketing Campaign.

Use Holiday Email Templates to engage your subscribers

Most of the email marketers are also trying to make their email interesting to target your subscriber. So how to stand out from the competition? How to stand out in subscriber’s Inbox. Obviously  by making your email more interesting  and attractive. This can be achieved with the help of eye-catching design. 

You have to be unique

With a lot of email marketers to compete with, you can only highlight if you are unique. Also as a marketer, instead of targeting common keywords like “Holiday”, “Thanksgiving”, or “Hanukkah”, try using specific keywords. You can go specific like:

  • Summer sale
  • Attractive gifts
  • Sweets
  • Cookies
  • Special offers

With these specific keywords,  you will target only relevant audiences. This will save your efforts, money, and time. You get to focus on the potential customers instead of spending time on irrelevant audiences. 

4. Interactive Emails

Your email marketing campaign can only be successful when you create interactive emails. From the subject line to the footer, everything needs to be optimized. However, email interaction is something that is difficult to achieve. But need not worry, MailPod will make your email marketing campaign so easy. MailPod provides the best email marketing services for small businesses and ensures that you create interactive emails.

Things you need to include in the emails to make it more attractive.

  • Subject Line
  • Body’s Content
  • Call-To-Action
  • Image
  • Sender’s Name
  • Social Sharing Links
  • Unsubscribe Option

Also, it is not necessary that your subscriber checks their emails on computers or laptops. Due to the increase in mobile usage among the people, it is important to use mobile-friendly email templates. You have to provide as much convenience as you can to the subscribers. Therefore, use MailPod – email marketing tool, will launch many related articles on How you can make a success out of Email Marketing, till then keep tuned and subscribe to Mailpod for guidance and management.