Ideas for interactive email

Your email marketing campaign can only be successful when you create interactive emails. From the subject line to the footer, everything needs to be optimized. However, email interaction is something that is difficult to achieve. But need not worry, MailPod will make your email marketing campaign so easy. MailPod provides the best email marketing tool for small business and ensures that you create interactive emails.

Subject Line

No matter how much effort you put into creating exciting body content, until and unless your subject line is not attractive, all the efforts will be a waste. To communicate about your purpose of sending emails, you first need to ensure that the email open-rate is great. That is only possible when people feel motivated to click on your emails. To make that happen, you need an enticing subject line. A subject line should be short and informative. For example, Full-proof ways of effective email marketing or E-Guide on best email marketing service for small business

Body’s Content

Email body content should be informative, brief, and enticing. For creating an effective body content, you have to know the answer to the following questions:

  • What do I want to communicate?
  • How can I make it interesting?
  • What should I do to convince subscribers?
  • How to make it to the point?

Once you have clear answers to the above-mentioned questions, your email body content becomes automatically interesting. Use pointers and short paragraphs instead of long paragraphs as they seem boring. If you want to captivate a reader’s attention, then you have to think like one. Optimized Body content is the ultimate key of lead generation.

Personalize Email

A Human Being thrives for human touch. Instead of sending automated emails, send personalized emails. You can include:

  • The subscriber name,
  • Their company’s name,
  • Their location, or
  • Something you know about them, but do not make it as you stalked them. 
Personalize emails for better Interaction.

If you do not want to be marked as spam, then you must use personalization techniques as it establishes some feelings between you and your subscribers. According to a MarketingSherpa study, 4 out of 10 email subscribers reported that they’ve marked emails as spam simply because they were irrelevant. To increase the relevancy, you must personalize your emails.


Your entire purpose behind email marketing is to compel subscribers to take action. You want conversions of your hard work, and that can be only possible when you include Call-To-Action in your Email. A call to action can be, sign-up now, avail offer, or click now for exciting deals. You have to ask for the things that you want to be completed by subscribers or what you set as your main goal. Few things to be kept in mind, when you ask readers to take actions:

  • Use Optimized Language
  • Be Clear
  • Be Action-Oriented

You can include links and buttons to send subscribers to your website’s landing page. Once they will land on your website, your work and offers will be displayed to them. That can generate leads for you or even bring actual conversion. 


If you want to keep your subscriber’s concentration intact, then use images. Visual Content attracts more attraction than text content. You can use images to tell about your offer or purpose. Make sure to use relevant images because a non-descriptive image is like a “Holes filled with Mud in Rain”. An image should be 

  • Visually compelling
  • Optimized
  • Have Responsive Design

When you use an image that is out of the topic, it can lead to aggression in subscribers, and they can mark you spam or even block you.

Sender’s Name

If you want to build trust and a personalized touch with your subscriber, then you can include the sender’s name to establish authenticity. When you send emails with the same name, it will build loyalty in subscribers, and they start feeling like they know someone in your company. You can send emails from your CEO name or the relevant authority, You have to do A/B testing to know what works for you. 

Social Sharing Links

What if your content is so compelling that your subscribers want to share it with others. They want to share it on their WhatsApp or Instagram stories, but is it good to share a screenshot of their emails that doesn’t take new viewers on your website? You should include links of things you want to get shared in your emails. It is good that your existing subscribers know about your latest offer, but will it harm if new potential users know about it too. Including social Sharing Links in your email can bring new leads, which you never imagined for. If you want to optimize your email, do not forget to include social sharing links. 

Unsubscribe Option

It is difficult to find subscribers, and what is more difficult is to give them the option to unsubscribe anytime. MailPod knows that it is not easy to lose your existing subscribers, but we can not bind a subscriber against their will for a lifetime. For making a Forever Relationship with your subscriber, you need to put constant efforts. As we mentioned earlier about the CAN-Spam Act in our article of Pros and Cons of Buying Email List, it is mandatory to include unsubscribe options according to the law. If you do not want any unwilling subscriber and penalties, then must add an unsubscribe link in your emails.

MailPod hopes that this article is helpful for you. We would also like to include a minor but a major component in Optimized Email Marketing: Mobile Optimisation. It is not necessary that your subscriber checks their emails on computers or laptops. Due to the increase in mobile usage among the people, it is important to use mobile-friendly email templates. You have to provide as much convenience as you can to the subscribers. We will launch many related articles on How you can make a success out of Email Marketing, till then keep tuned and subscribe to Mailpod for guidance and management.