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The best way to learn about your audience is to conduct surveys. In fact, surveys are very popular among the top email marketers. To know about changed taste and preference of the subscribers and to cope up with the latest trends, surveys help the email marketer or the businesses by providing the required information in time. Conducting regular surveys can lead to increased engagement, declined unsubscriptions, and improved sales which are beneficial for your email marketing campaign

MailPod’s Drag and Drop Builder allows you to use our ready-made survey email templates. Now you can easily send surveys, and to make your survey game more effective, we present the 5 crucial survey emails. 

Start with ready-made Email Survey Templates

Pre-Launch Survey Email

Do you believe in “Sell what you can Make” or “Make what you can Sell”. Well if you believe in the former one, then this point is not for you. However, you can rethink your marketing technique as consumers prefer the later technique. Imagine you put tons of effort into creating a product but end up selling nothing as people do not want it. Do not worry, pre-launch surveys are here to help you. Learn about their current and future needs to create a product that will be sold in no time. Few things you need to consider when you create a Pre-Launch Survey:

  • Be clear about how their feedback will be considered.
  • Mention who you are and what you are trying to achieve by collecting their opinions.

These points will motivate people to take your survey and help you to get more lightning in your product’s matter. 

Post-Purchase Survey

Your job is not done after selling. You have to keep track of your customers because existing customers are gold for any business. With the help of post-purchase surveys, you learn whether the customer is satisfied or not. In this survey, you can thank them for the purchase and answer some quick questions to improve if required. Now the question is how to entice customers to fill the survey? Well, you can offer some credit points or discounts for the next purchase. Many businesses use this technique to get their post-purchase survey filled in return for some credit points.

Points to be remembered while creating the post-purchase survey:

  • Offer incentives to fill the survey
  • Keep it short
  • Ask questions about the particular product/service

Do not ask out any random questions or any personal questions. Remember it is a post-purchase survey so, frame the questions according to that. 

Data Survey Emails

Collecting data of a subscriber is the most tedious task, but the data survey emails make it simple. The data surveys help you to customize your future emails and segment the subscribers accurately. Also, do not undervalue data surveys as it saves a lot of efforts, money, and time of the business. Mention the time required to fill the survey and ask relevant questions. Pro Tips to follow while creating a data survey to be included in emails are:

  • Offer incentives if you want long surveys to get filled.
  • You can offer prizes to random subscribers who fill the survey.
  • Ask short questions, and do not go too personal.

Clear your goal of filling out data surveys and ask questions based on that. Do not go out of the path and try to be formal because so much informality can deteriorate your brand image.

Email Footer Survey

Wondering whether your email content left the desired impact on the subscriber’s mind or not? Resolve this query by asking one question at the end. You can ask about the subscriber’s reaction after reading the email content or ask about the usefulness of the information. In this way, you have clarity about your email content, and you can create more engaging content based on the feedback. However, a few things need to be considered while creating an email footer survey:

  • Ask only 1 question.
  • Ask the short questions that can be answered within a few seconds.
  • Include any emoji reaction or few words about the email content.

Welcome Email Survey 

Many experts send surveys or questions in their first email i.e. the welcome email to know their new subscribers with better understanding. Getting feedback is important, and that is why surveys play a dominant role in email marketing. When you ask questions in your first email, the newly joined subscribers will think that you care about their subscribers, and it will lead to establishing trust. Once you know more about your new subscriber, you can send them personalized emails, and you can segment them easily. Targeting the segmented audience is the building stone of email marketing success, and surveys help a lot in segmenting the subscribers. For example, if you provide daily newsletter services, then you can ask about your subscriber’s preference like:

  1. Would they like to receive newsletters daily, weekly, or monthly
  2. On which genre your subscriber would like to read?
  3. Which locations would they like to know about more?
  4. What is the word count preferred by them?

All these questions will help you to create a newsletter that will have more readability scores as it is created on the preference of subscribers. You get to know more about their interests that will help you to create more engaging content.

Include this short survey in your Welcome Email .

Few tips you need to follow if you want your subscribers to fill the survey and complete it: 

  • Keep the survey short.
  • Ask MCQs instead of detailed questions.
  • In the email, mention the time to complete the survey.
  • The advisable time frame is 1 to 5 minutes. 

With the help of this article, you get to know about 5 email surveys you can use, and we hope this information can help you in your email marketing campaign. MailPod will guide you on how to use these survey templates in your next email. We will launch many related articles on How you can effectively do email marketing, till then keep tuned and subscribe to Mailpod for the best email marketing tool, guidance, and management.