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QR Codes are becoming easy and attractive ways to build an email list. You do not need to create a sign-up form and indulge in the hassling process of getting sign-up forms filled. With the QR Codes, any person with the smartphone can opt for your emails by easily scanning. You meet various kinds of people in day-to-day life and talk about your business. There are high chances that after hearing about your business, they would like to receive the business newsletters. Instead of asking them to fill a time consuming sign-up form, you can easily ask them to scan the QR Code in 1 second. 

There may be chances that you do not have the computer or laptop to ask them to fill your sign-up form, and you have to accept their email addresses on a card or paper. Sounds good? No. Remember about the CAN-Spam Act discussed in the article “Pros and Cons of Buying an Email List”, you need proper permission from the subscriber to send them emails. QR Code can save you because luckily it is easily scannable via smartphone. Before starting any further discussion, let us start learning about the working of QR Codes with the MailPod- Email Marketing Service Provider

The working of QR Code

Do you know QR stands for Quick Response? The name itself explains the purpose of its existence. QR Code is made up of small spots, whereas mainly barcodes are made up of bars. The spots represent modernity and uniqueness. If you scan the QR Code with a smartphone, it will lead the phone to load the data and open the required page or website. It depends on the purpose of creating that particular QR Code. If the data is URL, then a web page will open, or if you create it for another purpose, then that particular thing will open on the phone. 

Create QR Code to Build your Email List

A well-designed QR Code will help you to get faster conversions if you keep it handy. With the help of the QR Code, send the potential subscriber directly to the web page and get them signed up for your email list. 

Examples of QR Codes


Paytm uses the QR Code to quickly scan the other party details for payment. It will save users a time that instead of filling the complete details, you just need to scan the code and boom, the payment is done. 


Starbucks uses the QR Codes in different campaigns to increase sales. They used QR Codes in its promotional campaigns like print ads on flyers in major cities of the US. They did not leave any stone unturned and effectively used QR Codes and made a ton of benefits. 


Diesel uses the QR Code to authenticate the brand. To avoid duplicates, they use QR Codes on their denim clothes so that buyers can find the difference between fake and original. Diesel is a famous Clothing Brand and launched the campaign of scan for authenticity with the help of Quick Response Codes.

With all the above examples, you got to understand that the QR Code can be a big help for your campaigns. So, what are you waiting for? Start building your email list with the QR Codes. Use them before it becomes outdated. Save your efforts and provide convenience to the potential subscribers with a quick response. 

Create your Business’s Code

  • If you do not have any digital sign-up form, then immediately create it (Use MailPod to create attractive Sign-up Forms). You can embed it on your site, or you may ask your email marketer to provide the hosting space. 

(If you have an email marketing service provider, then use the URL of the hosted page to create your QR Code. It will help the visitors to fill the form without distractions)

Create you Business’s QR Code
  • Use the URL to build a QR Code. The URL must be of your sign-up page.
  • Promote your code with print and digital media. Let the most people know about your QR Code. 

Distribute your QR Code

You can either share it as an image on the web or keep it handy with you. It is easier to scan the code from the computer with a smartphone, but as mentioned above, it is better to keep it printed too with yourself. Do you know the best part is? You can promote them without being tethered to them all the time. Apart from embedding on the computer and getting it printed, you can pass the QR Code in your products, company events, and festivals. When people scan and subscribe to your email list, give them an item as a thank you with a QR code on it so that when people carry it around, other people can sign-up for it too. 

Use the QR(Quick Response) Codes to build your email list and give visitors an option to join you with quick scanning. For more guidance on QR Code creation, contact us. We will launch many related articles on How you can make a success out of effective email marketing, till then keep tuned and subscribe to Mailpod – Email Marketing Service Provider for the best assistance and management.