The Best ways to get Valid Email Addresses | MailPod Email Marketing

Building an effective email list is not easy, right? So, how to make this process less hectic or to ensure that your efforts are not going to a waste. 

Many people think that buying an email list can save them time and heavy investment, but they don’t realize that it can cost them in the long run. We know that buying an email list seems an easy option as compared to getting permission from prospective subscribers and targeting them after analysis. Buying email lists and sending emails without permission can send your emails in the spam folder. MailPod is the best email marketing provider and ensures that your email deliverability is effective. We believe in providing you with the highest deliverability rates in the email marketing industry.

It is quite clear why businesses (even some big companies) lean towards buying email lists. They feel it will save them some time, and they can focus on KPIs. They do not have to put effort into starting everything from scratch. But do not forget, it will help you only in the short-run. The shortcut of buying email lists make you suffer in the long-run. 

Purchased Email Lists Type:

In fact, some companies work for providing these shortcuts and offer you email lists on the basis of categories:

  • Targeted
  • Verified
  • Opt-in
  • Real-time
  • Clean (which automatically indicates that purchasing email lists is dirty)

When you purchase an email list, you have no idea about how many other people are using the same email list. You are not aware of the real purpose of signing up for those email lists. Even you can not authenticate the verified category of email lists. For example, someone may have signed up for cooking recipes, but you remain unaware of the fact and provide them information about sports. 

That can irritate the subscriber, and there are chances that they can mark you as spam that will lead to much worse conditions. Even if some subscribers won’t mark you as spam, but they will never open your emails and boom, your efforts got wasted!

When you purchase an email list, you remain devoid of the advantages of explicit opt-in (subscribers willingly and actively opted for receiving your emails). If you do not have explicit opt-in, then you are bound to have problems in the long-run and sometimes even in the short-run. 

Build an Email List with Confirmed Emails

When you create an email list from scratch and send the first email to the subscriber after getting their permission, you still have to send a confirmation message about receiving further emails from you. However, you cannot get to send this confirmation message when you purchase an email list because the receivers did not allow you in the first place to send them a message. The second step of creating a more engaged list is to send a confirmation message. 

But wait, when you are building an email list, you have to be cautious because sometimes people fill out false email addresses just to get the instant information on the screen. So how to deal with it?

There are around 6 to 21% false email addresses when you collect them through sign-up forms. Shocked? It is viable because you ask their email address just to show an information or something valuable. They may not want to receive any further information but just interested for that particular instant information. So they will fill out wrong emails for that instant detail. 

Need not worry, because we have a solution.


Once the subscriber signed up for your emails, a confirmation message should be sent right away to confirm their permission. The subscriber needs to complete two steps when they receive a confirmed opt-in request:

  1. Open the message: Until the subscribers won’t open the message, they will not get a link to confirm. You have to customize your subject lines to increase open-rate. You can include their names or mention the action you want them to complete.  
  1. Click to Confirm: Once the subscriber opens the confirmation message, they need to click on the link of confirmation. It is possible that they may have changed their minds, so it is your responsibility to excite them with offers for confirming.

Once they click on the confirm button, you are free on the authenticity part because they just clicked on it. So well done, you just avoid adding a wrong email to your list. 

Hence, it is advisable to create an effective email list if you want long-term benefits instead of opting for cheap email marketing practices. It may take time, but once you create a full-proof email list, you will reap tons of advantages. We will launch many related articles on How you can make a success out of this, till then keep tuned and subscribe to Mailpod for guidance and management.