MailPod Tricks helped Joy Perez to triple Email Sign Ups by Blogs

Accumed Biotech run by Joy Perez is a true inspiration for all the bloggers out there. Within a small span of time, Joy Perez managed to triple his Email Sign-Ups. This article will disclose his tricks and how he managed to achieve triple within no time.

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Every blogger wants to open up their blogging site or earn from their blogs. Similarly, Joy Perez wanted to be aware of the community and earn a living out of it. Hence, he started Accumed Biotech. The business main motive is to enhance science and provide the best customer experience to its consumers. But, the main question before satisfying customers is how to attract them. Joy Perez has a trick. BLOGGING! He decided to spread awareness about his products and services through blogs. Now, how to establish a brand with blogs if there is no one to read it? How to target the potential consumer at the right time? Joy Perez thought a lot and finally came up with a simple yet beneficial Idea. Email Marketing! He decided to promote his blogs through email marketing. 

So, here is the brief, to generate the revenue, you first need to attract customers, and for that, you need to establish your existence. The best way to spread awareness about your existence is blogs, and to promote blogs, you need email marketing. And here MailPod comes into the picture. By providing the best email marketing tool of the millennia, we support a business owner or email marketer 24*7.

We regularly post blogs on optimizing email marketing and free guides on tips to improve email marketing tactics. We have experience of many years and know about in and out of how to ace the email marketing campaign with the heavy competition. Joy Perez trusted us and came to us for promoting his blogs via email marketing. We have it all! With the MailPod email marketing tool, Joy Perez kept a keen eye on daily reports, and with our 24*7 guidance, he kept on improving. 

What was the result?

The number of sign-ups increased tremendously and got tripled with no amount of time. 

Interesting huh?

The story of Joy Perez was not Easy at All

Some of the friends rebelled about why he is even starting his own business and why to waste time in email marketing. 

He didn’t get demotivated by constant negativity. Instead, he decided to talk to MailPod and mark out a plan with our experts. 

And guess about the figures of his existing subscribers?

Today, Joy has a stable email list that is generated with credible methods. Not a single email was bought. With over 26000 subscribers and 30000 followers combined on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, Accumed Biotech is touching heights of all times. 

Accumed Biotech Blogs

Yes, there were difficult times when it seemed impossible. Different email marketing campaigns, strategies, and hard-work results in achieving these high figures. 

Getting Email Signups was not easy, but Joy Perez got no will to stop.

The Ultimate Trick that helped Accumed Biotech to get Sign-Ups

Joy Perez found a really smart way to grow his email sign-ups. His vision was clear, to get his blogs to be visible in front of as many eyes as possible. He is confident in his products, services, and content. All he had to do is become more visible. 

There was a whole process that needs to be followed for achieving all-time high subscribers. He started by keeping a keen eye on the performance of each blog. He observed which blogs are getting more likes and share, then he made sure to get them featured on the top of his site.

Therefore, whenever new visitors come to the website, they instantly see how well the blogs are performing. This is a value-added move. To show how popular and knowledgeable you are. Also, he added incentives like offers and special discount codes in the blogs so that whenever someone sees it, they avail of the services and finally generate revenue for Accumed Biotech. A win-win, right?

Joy said, he always makes sure that the quality of content is very high, and people will find it engaging. He kept a measure of its content quality with MailPod, and the result is more conversions. He believed in quality rather than quantity. In a month, he posts 5 to 6 blogs and reviews which blog got the maximum share, and he instantly featured it on the site. 

Also, he never forgets to embed a signup form because if people are liking his content, then surely they want to get more. Therefore, a sign-up form with the best blog helped him to get the maximum sign-ups. 

Sign-up for Value

Joy used the trick of value-added sign-up. This means, in return for your exciting offer or value, you ask the subscriber to fill up the sign-up form. He used the trick of getting a special 50% off with a simple sign-up. And guess what? People willingly gave their email addresses for that enticing discount. Similarly, you have to find out about the value your visitor needs from you and then, provide that in return for their permission to send them emails. It’s just that simple. So, start using this tactic to grow your email list exponentially. 

Accumed Sign-Up Form

Optimize your community

Expanding your business with the community help is something that is hard to achieve. So, why not use an option that is easily available to you?

Ask your community to help you. Provide them something valuable in return. Joy Perez got a lot of like from the science community because that’s the sector he deals in. You have to find a way to make them happy that will automatically make you happy. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start optimizing your email marketing campaign and email your community members to tell that you exist and provide them value to build healthy relationships.