The Best Beginners Guide on Web Analytics 101: Website Tracking

Website tracking is not as easy as it seems. But do not worry as we will explain how can you track your website’s success from the beginning. 

If you want to watch every move of the visitor like where they are from, how they reach your website, on which section they spent the most time, and much more. 

There is a different kind of ESP that you cannot see i.e. personal information. Let us start learning and get better results.

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From where to Start

Before starting website analytics, you need to set clear goals because only after that you are going to analyze your performance. Establish measurable goals such as which is the most important page to drive conversions, do you want the visitors to subscribe for your newsletter, or is there any pdf guide that you want visitors to download? The goals you establish must be related to your overall business goals. 

You can embed tracking codes only when you know about what you want to measure. If you want a free and the best tool to track your website, then you should use Google Analytics. You can learn to use this with the free course provided by google analytics academy and after that, have fun while analyzing and tracking the website. 

Must Track these Components


Once you establish the goals, you need to follow their journey and success. Your goal can be clicking on a video, downloading a pdf, newsletter sign up, or submits. To achieve success and effective your email marketing campaigns, tracking conversions is important. If you want to go ahead, you have to keep a keen eye. You can improve your strategies to boost conversions if the conversation rate is not up to the expectations.

Source of Traffic

Knowing from where your audience is coming from is the building stone of a successful website. You need to track the sources of existing tracking and think of strategies to make the most out of those. From the traffic origin insight, you can decide the most promising customer’s behavior. You can also learn about how well your Social Media Marketing strategies are running. Three types of traffic you must observe to know the traffic source:

  • Direct: This traffic tracks the visitors who bookmarked your site or who comes directly by searching the name. 
  • Search engine traffic: This traffic comes from search engines. For example, people who reach your website via Bing or Google come under search engine traffic.
  • Referral: If anyone is coming by clicking on the link such as links in emails, or other websites. This means someone is coming to your website via someone’s referral. Many times you include links on the social media’s post, and people click on these links to know about you. This is where referral does its work to tell your worth or offer. By tracking the referral traffic, you get to know where it is important to promote or who’s doing their best for you. 

Exit or Bounce pages

When someone is browsing your pages but suddenly leaves. Why did they exit? Well, you need to analyze on which particular pages people tend to leave. You can use this information to bring some advanced changes to like is this because of price people are leaving or they don’t get the expected product description that’s why they exist. Learn what drives people to leave and work on improving that. 


Are you providing the things people came for, or some wrong misinterpretation by keywords brings visitors to your page? If this is the case, then you are not benefiting from this. For example, do you want to lend the apartment for parties/a few days or for staying/long-term? The rental apartment keyword can bring both types of people, so you have to use the right keywords to target the right audience. Hence by tracking the search engine keywords, you can know which is the right keyword to target. 

Most popular page

You have to find where your website’s visitors like to stay more or which page they find more interesting. Is it the product page or blog page. You have to keep track of your visitor’s preferences. 

What can you do?

If you are just beginning, then it is not advisable to focus on the maximum metrics and even not feasible. You first have to start with less complicated metrics like downloading the pdf. It is sure to be tedious to handle at first, but MailPod will always be there to assist you 24*7. You can start by focusing on just one metric. That’s right. First, learn and then apply. If you feel the conversion rate is lower than expected, then you can revise your strategy or check whether it’s the right audience or people are leaving due to bad user experience. It’s good to keep track of the beginning rather than crying later. 

Easy tips to get instant visitors

Every website owner wants more traffic, whether it’s their initial stage or they invested years with the website. We understand your emotions and goals, and that’s why disclosing some methods to quickly get traffic

  • Optimize your website. Run a test on every page to make sure that users will be happy when they are browsing your website.
  • Create engaging content. Think about why they should stick and give them a perfect reason to invest their time on your website.
  • Boost email marketing and social media marketing to get the most traffic. Attract visitors from every possible platform.

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