List of top 8 Effective Words to Use in Email

Wondering about how to make your email effective with email marketing tools? We are going to introduce a series of words that can make your Email effective and increase click-through rates because “Words Matter”. However, you have to make sure to use only one of these words as excessive usage can make your email look spammy. Here’s the most awaited list of words that are going to be so crucial in your communication with the prospective clients/customers:

  1. Now
  2. Thanks
  3. New 
  4. Easy
  5. Free (Sometimes leads to spam)
  6. And
  7. You / Your
  8. Enjoy
  9. Name
  10. Gifts

Mailpod is here to explain how you can use them to make conversions, maintain the brand, or establish effective communication. Again, we warn you to use one of the above-mentioned words at a time or you have to face consequences that will deteriorate your purpose.

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Now is an effective word to use if you want a strong Call To Action (CTA). It triggers the nerve that sends a message of action and urgency. Many reputed brands incorporate this word to invoke immediateness. However, make it clear to the clients/customers about the purpose of Now. What you want them to do or what you want to convey. For example, Myntra, Flipkart, and Amazon use “Shop Now” to initiate immediate action. 

The Wise use of the word NOW by Myntra


If you want to build trust, then Thanks is the perfect word to start with. Thanking your existing or potential customer is much valuable in the sense of feelings. Human Touch is an important factor in building loyalty and by thanking, you send signals of humanity. To generate positive feelings, use the word thanks, and use it wisely. You can thank your customers for staying with you on the journey of many years or you can thank a client for sealing the deal. You can also thank the subscribers for booking an appointment or making a purchase.

Thank subscriber for their actions

NEW“New” is an incredible word to give subscribers a push to open your email or make a purchase. It informs your audience about the newness and compels them to take a look. In this constant change of era, people thrive for changes and new information. If you are fulfilling their needs by launching new products and giving them information about it, then you are already ahead in the race. Mailpod helps you to build emails and incorporate the word New effectively. We are here to assist you in the entire journey using our Email Marketing Tools


If new customers join and you want them to make them feel comfortable, then you can use this word. When anyone sees the word easy, it gives them relief about no complications. You can send step by step an easy process explaining how to do something or to get easy deals. You can also assure the customers about the easy procedure. Mailpod being the economical Email Marketing team ensures you the easy journey and proper usage of the word easy in your emails. 

Show subscribers that It’s EASY


Free is the word that ensures maximum conversion because who does not love free stuff. Whether it’s free information or free products, everyone wants to avail that. So, using the word Free in your email content is an amazing way to attract the attention of subscribers. Although, excessive usage of “Free” can lead your email to spam. To avoid this, get expert advice from Mailpod and land directly in the primary emails. 


When you add and to something, it seems more. People need extra and the use of the word “and” lead them to think of some extra benefits. You have to use this word Wisely like “Mailpod has the best Email Marketing Tools and provide the best guidance”. When you fall short of offers and new content, then you can take advantage of this word by providing minor information or deals. 


“You” can trigger human communication

Instead of addressing in the third person, you can use “You or Your”. It helps you to establish a personal touch and respect towards the subscriber. This helps you to build a sense of loyalty and effective communication. Many reputed brands use these words to avoid communicating in the third person and create a sense of customisation in Email Content. For example, My Perfect Resume sends customised email and uses the word “Your” to establish a personal touch.


Use the word Enjoy to let the subscribers know that we care about their enjoyment. You can send emails on festivals or birthdays like “Enjoy Holi with organic colours” or “Enjoy your Special Day” to show that you exist. When you depict that you care for your clients and customers, they start trusting you. Trusting is the key-stone of a sound organisation. For example, Spotify uses Enjoy word to attract attention while selling their plans.

“Enjoy” the new Offers and Deals


Using the names of the subscribers in Email makes them feel like that particular Email is designed for them. This idea leads to the generation of positive feelings among subscribers and they feel valued. Once, they start feeling important, they will invest time in reading your email. If you provide valuable email content, then you are in a treat because your subscriber just read your email. This strategy helps in revenue generation and personal touch with the clients and customers. 


Sending gift vouchers through emails is an effective way to generate leads. When a subscriber read Gift in the subject line, then he/she instantly clicks on it and knows about your offer. So, using the word “gift” is important to make your content attractive. For example, UrbanPro and T.I.M.E. use gift vouchers technique to generate sales.

Exclusive “Gift” offers for your subscribers

Mailpod hopes that we successfully add to your knowledge of what words you can use and how to use them wisely. We are here to resolve every query and help you to reap out the most from Email Marketing Tools. We will launch many related articles on How you can make a success out of this, till then keep tuned and subscribe to Mailpod for guidance and management.