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How to create effective broadcast emails?

Broadcast Emails with MailPod

Before creating a broadcast email, you have to be clear about the difference between the follow-up email and a broadcast email. Follow-Up emails can be sent any time, and they contain evergreen content. However, you can use broadcast emails only when you have to convey time-sensitive information. The information that you want to be out right now. You can create any type of broadcast email, but for the sake of understanding, we will discuss the most famous broadcast emails and give tips to innovatively create them. You can call, email, or chat with us anytime to create effective broadcast emails. We mainly assist in these three types of broadcast emails:

  1. Newsletter
  2. New product launch
  3. Limited time sale promotion 

How to build email lists with QR codes?

QR Codes are becoming easy and attractive ways to build an email list. You do not need to create a sign-up form and indulge in the hassling process of getting sign-up forms filled. With the QR Codes, any person with the smartphone can opt for your emails by easily scanning. You meet various kinds of people in day-to-day life and talk about your business. There are high chances that after hearing about your business, they would like to receive the business newsletters. Instead of asking them to fill a time consuming sign-up form, you can easily ask them to scan the QR Code in 1 second. Use the QR(Quick Response) Codes to build your email list and give visitors an option to join you with quick scanning. For guidance on QR Code creation, contact us.

MailPod QR Code to land people on it’s website

Tips to write engaging email Preheader

An email Preheader is a text shown under or next to the Subject Line. It is a preview text – a snippet of 51 to 100 characters or generally, 6 to 12 words. The display of Email Preheader varies from device to device and the Internet Service Provider(ISP) like Yahoo! and Gmail. In the desktop view, an email preheader will appear next to the subject line, but in the mobile view, the email preheader will appear underneath the subject line.

Learn the best tricks of creating engaging preheader

Email Preheader is the most used solution apart from the subject line to increase your email open-rate. Your subscriber is not only your subscriber. They must have subscribed for thousands of emails to select what’s best for them. It’s your responsibility to stand out from the competition.

How to write capitalized Subject Lines?

How to increase your email’s open-rate and click-through-rate? Learn now with MailPod’s Marketing Tips. Review your marketing strategies. Are you optimizing the Subject Line of Emails? If No, then start now. Many renowned email marketers capitalize the subject lines of the emails to grab attention and get better conversions. It’s been years that a famous email marketer used this tactic to get desired results.

Learn the importance of capitalized subject lines

The open-rate for emails with the capitalized subject line is 35% more as compared to the emails with the lowercase subject line. Hence, it is advisable to create capitalized subject lines, but again it’s all up to your target audience. Do not stick with any hard and fast rules, but instead try a combination of different techniques.

Ways to create an attractive confirmation email

There are industry standards, and it is one of the ISP’s requirements to send confirmation messages to your subscribers. So, to avoid any penalties and brand deterioration, you should ask for confirmation on subscribing. The process of sending confirmation messages is called Confirmed Opt-In. However, asking for confirmation is not as easy as it seems. You have to be very cautious, as subscribers may have changed their minds. To retain your new subscriber, it is advisable to create an attractive confirmation message. 

Send Confirmation Emails for better clarity

The building stone in creating a strong email list is to add only trustable addresses. Do not blindly send messages to any purchased email lists as it can lead to penalties. For detailed information, check out our article on the pros and cons of buying an email list. We create a mobile-friendly confirmation message. MailPod will guide you on how to get 100% success from the confirmed opt-in process. 

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  • To achieve success from email marketing campaigns and discuss the automation strategies.
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