Create a Winning CTA on Your Sign Up Form with MailPod

How to create a winning Call-To-Action (CTA) on your Sign-Up Form? Well, you have put tremendous efforts in finding the perfect incentives to attract subscribers but now you have no clue of how to bring them to avail that offer. Create a sign-up form that entices subscribers to take action. MailPod performs the best email marketing for small businesses and helps you create an effective sign-up form with an enticing CTA. Call-To-Action plays a very important role in your Sign-Up Form. We will be discussing factors that play a crucial role in effective CTAs.

1. Size of the Button

Your CTA button should be visible to subscribers, which informs them about your expectations. Create a visible and clickable button and make sure it is mobile-friendly. Because in mobile devices, people scroll with their fingers instead of a small cursor, so create a big CTA button.

The size should neither be too big nor too short

 2. Color of the Button 

Colors play a crucial role in directing your subscribers psychologically. It is observed that red color brings the most conversions, and green is the second best color for conversion. However, you have to keep in mind what your site color is. Do not use any color instead, use consistent button color. Also, do not blindly follow the trend and try to find out what works best for you. Use color contrast to get maximum clicks.

Red brings the most Conversions

3. Length of the copy

Copy of the CTA button should be short and easy to read. The subscribers should be able to understand your purpose at first glance. The advisable copy length of the CTA button is less than 40 characters. 

4. Tone of the Button

The copy on the button should be consistent with your brand. It should represent your motive and please, never play attacking. The voice and tone of your CTA should be relevant to your target audience. It should not be robotic, instead use a unique CTA. 

5. Descriptive CTA

A CTA should be able to translate the actual purpose. Try not to be too long or too short. These two approaches are famous in making your CTA descriptive:

  • Include what they will receive after clicking on your CTA button. For example, if you are offering 20% off on the product, then you can write, “Get 20% off”. It will tell them what they are about to receive.
  • Tell them about what you are expecting them to do. If you want them to click on a specific link, then ask them to “click here” or “click below”.

6. Place of the Button

It is observed that when you place a CTA at the top place, the chances of getting clicks increases as compared to the CTA at the bottom. However, do not stick to one place, try different places like at the top, between the body, or at the bottom. Use hit and trial and also, a blend of three places to get maximum results. 

CTA at the bottom
CTA at the Top

7. Create Urgency

When you create urgency like limited seats or 50% off to the first fifty customers, a need to take urgent action occurs in the subscriber’s mind. It will create Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) and compels them to take action in a given time frame. This will make quick conversions, and accomplishes your goal.

Create Urgency For Immediate Action

As you see that various factors related to Call-To-Actions determine your success in email marketing, it is your responsibility to optimize them properly. MailPod has experienced email marketers to provide the best email marketing for small businesses. We will launch many related articles on How you can make a success out of effective email marketing, till then keep tuned and subscribe to Mailpod for the best email marketing services, guidance, and management.