Casting aside all doubt about the effectiveness in the present-day situation, email marketing continues very strong to bring a high degree of success to businesses. The email marketing campaign can be a very cost-effective way to reach existing customers and prospects. If carried smartly, businesses especially medium and small can reap rich benefits out of the email campaigns and can convert prospects into buying customers easily.
E-mail marketing uses an email list that helps you to reach mobile users who carry the handheld device most of the time. In E-mail marketing, you can get a lot of data like click-through rate, unsubscribe rates, open rates, etc. that can help to evaluate the performance as well as to make improvements. With the following tips, you can further improve the email marketing campaign and take full advantage of this wonderful online marketing strategy to get more sales and revenue.

Update and Maintain an Authentic Email List 

There can be many email addresses in your email list that have changed and no longer remains valid. If you continue to use such email Ids, the emails can bounce and can harm the performance of email delivery, as the emails will go to the spam folders directly. You may be labeled as a spammer in such a case and therefore you need to scrub and verify your email list regularly and make sure that you have an accurate email list.

Personalize Emails to Engage the Recipients More

There are many promotional emails that people seldom consider to open and read and delete the mails immediately. Unless you make genuine efforts to personalize the emails beginning with a personalized salutation, you can’t establish a connection with your prospects. The best way may be to address with the first name of the recipient that can influence the reader to open the email.
It is now very common to use personalization in an email campaign with the use of the first name. Wherever possible, you should also try to use the company name of the recipient or use a few other details. If you can deftly manage, you can use a personalization approach to increase the chances of response from your prospects.

Create Effective Subject Lines

Subject lines can play a pivotal role in the increase or decrease rate of the email opening rates. Emails having different subject lines attract different responses from the users. For the best result, the subject lines should be carefully created short preferably below 50 characters, and for mobiles, the subject lines should be preferably under 35 characters.
A catchy subject line that offers values to the audience will have the best chances of getting opened and sending responses. The use of emojis in the subject line can be a great way to make your email attractive and enticing and can pull more open rates and make your marketing campaign a grand success.

Segmenting the Email List Can Produce Great Result

Segmenting the email list can help you to have better open rates as well as click-through rates. When you send messages to a target group within the list, your audience starts finding your messages more relevant and it can provide you better results. There are subscribers on every list and they can be interested to know about different offers like the news, coupon, or special events. So segmenting can allow you to meet the requirement of the subscribers easily and this can help to make your email marketing campaign a success.

Use Custom Responsive Templates for Emails 

A responsive custom template design can help to brand your email and make it stand out. It can make your email marketing campaign look more professional at a minimum cost.

Decide Best Performing Time of Email by Testing Deployment Time

Experiment with the deployment times of emails and note the change in open rates at a specific time. In this way, you can gain significant insight into the best performing time of the emails.

Use One CTA Per Email

Without having a well-defined call to action button, you will experience minimal results. Your subscribers do not have enough time to read through the long emails and CTAs can help to communicate what you want the subscribers to do or what is your offer. CTAs can be very effective to get an increase in sales and can make your email marketing campaign a great success also.

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