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Grow your list with more knowledge

If you want to expand your email list, then use our best tactics to do so.

  • Hit and Trial

    Use different approaches to different segments and know more about your subscribers.

  • Use Different forms

    Try using different kinds of Sign-up forms for different purposes. For example, pop-up forms or lightbox forms.

  • Grow with Facebook Ads

    Widen your audience area by creating Facebook Ads and enjoy new subscribers.

  • Observe experts

    Start observing successful email marketers and learn from their experiences. MailPod provides expert services to polish your skills.

  • Optimum Call-To-Action

    Use the engaging call-to-action to drive more conversions. Optimize the color, size, and text of the button.

  • Involve videos

    Do not send just plain text. You can use GIFs, images, and videos for better engagement.

Engage subscribers with improved emails

Create and send beautiful and engaging emails that drive more conversion for you.

  • Increase open-rate

    Let your subscriber know that opening the email is worthy enough. You can do this with interactive Subject Lines and Preheaders.

  • Create a beautiful email

    The design of your email matters because it will make a visual impact on the subscriber’s mind.

  • Design responsive emails

    Most of the subscribers open your emails in their mobiles so make sure to create mobile-friendly emails.

  • Start with a welcome email

    Make your subscriber feel valued and send them a welcome email immediately they join you. You can read our blog on creating engaging welcome email.

  • Start with email guide

    If you ever wondered whether you are going wrong or right, check MailPod’s guide on email marketing to know your status.

Measure and track effectively to improve procedures

Examine your daily activities and take wise decisions.

  • Remove the hurdles

    Reduce the email marketing hurdles to level zero. Make your campaign effective by overcoming the challenges.

  • Avoid common mistakes

    Read our blogs regularly to avoid common mistakes and learn a way to rectify them.

  • Subscriber Segmentation

    Segment the subscriber for effectively targeting them. Learn before losing anything.

  • Ensure maximum email deliverablilty

    Avoid landing in spam and consider ISPs rules to avoid penalties and law-breaking.

  • Create a relevant list

    Add only those email addresses who permitted you to do the same. Do not blindly sell emails to the people who doesn’t want to read them.

  • Plain text & HTML

    Experiment with both HTML and plain text and observe what works best for you.

Utilize the Additional knowledge

Learn the most from MailPod’s Articles, Webinars, Customer Support, and Expert Advice.

  • MailPod Articles

    For becoming the top email marketer, a subscriber to MailPod’s newsletter, and learn the latest tactics of email marketing.

  • Library: Video

    Learn from videos of MailPod on how to make huge success from email marketing.

  • Scheduled and Live Webinars

    For in-depth knowledge, you can demand webinars from our experts or join live webinars organized by MailPod on a regular basis.

  • Expert Advice

    Explore the latest tactics and advanced knowledge of our expert email marketers.

  • Podcast on Email Marketing

    You can have a conversation with the experts on email marketing, and it’s working.

  • Email Expert: 24*7 Availability

    Our customer support works 24*7 to make every problem easy for you. Contact anytime according to your availability.

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