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Email Marketing is the most important marketing tool. It helps you to establish a stable communication channel with your customers. Before sending emails to the target audience, you definitely need their permission as we already discussed the Cons of buying an email list. In this article, MailPod will provide the easiest ways to get Email Addresses and best email marketing services.

1. Request for permission

One of the authentic ways to grow an email list is to simply ask. Whether it’s your offline client or online client you can request them to share their email addresses. You can use sign up forms or pop-up forms to get email addresses from online visitors. Also, you can ask your offline clients to fill a sheet of email addresses, which is on the reception table. If you are able to get 6 email addresses a day, then alas you get 180 email addresses in a month. 

2. Sign Up Forms

As we mentioned earlier, you can put different types of Sign Up Forms on the website to get the email addresses. On the basis of your Google Analytics report, you can display a Sign-Up form on Landing Page or any Page on which users spend most of the time. Make sure that the Sign-Up process is easy and do not ask for too much information as it can negatively affect your bounce rates. You can control their appearance and frequency based on your analysis. 

3. Request Access offline

If you own an offline store and have been operating it for many years, then you must have a strong customer base. Maybe when you opt for going online, they did not get the information. You can establish regular communication with those unaware existing customers. Either via call or their home addresses, you can ask for their permission and tell them about your online availability. You can send them a handwritten letter mentioning your new web address and procedure of signing up with the best-personalised wishes. 

4. Free Offers and Discounts

There are better chances of more sign-ups when you announce free offers. Everyone loves free stuff, and if it is of the best quality, then they can become your new customers. Gaining new customers with discount schemes is a full-proof plan as they attract the most visitors on your website. Even if they don’t buy any product, at least you receive their information from google analytics account, and you can track them later. 

5. Link of Form in your Email Content

Even though someone is not on your subscriber list, you can send emails to the people with personalised message to sign up for the form. Sign the email with your signature to establish a human touch. You can assure them that it is not a fraud, and you are offering a genuine product, so sign up for more educational content. Include a link to the form that is easy to fill and can get you new subscribers. 

6. Optimize Social Media

With the help of Social Media Platforms, you become visible to more people. In fact, you get in touch with the people, you never imagined. When you post something engaging on social media, you can embed the link to sign up to reach a larger audience. You can either create a fan page on Facebook or put the link in your Instagram’s Bio. You can ask your followers to sign up for the latest information and newsletters. The better your presence on Social Media Platforms, the better your email marketing process. So, optimize your Social Presence now to get the most out of Email Marketing. 

In our previous blogs, we mentioned about the ugly truth of buying Email Lists. We embedded the link to that article in our first paragraph. So, We hope you get an idea that MailPod is strictly against buying email lists and suggest you start everything from scratch. We are ready to be your strong-pillar in the process of Email Marketing. If you want to check our authenticity, then subscribe for our free trial. We will launch many related articles on How you can make a success out of effective email marketing, till then keep tuned and subscribe to Mailpod for the best email marketing services, guidance and management.